Jackhammer Baseball

Joliet JackHammers

Team History

The Joliet jackhammers played their first season in 2002 when they made their debut it the northern league. The first season was one of the teams best seasons ever and they made the play offs during their first year. After that they would not make the play offs again until 2010. The team did not attract as much spectators as desired and in 2009 the attendance had grow so low that decided to give the team a complete make over before the 2010 season. The make over including changing everything from the uniforms to the player roster. They also completely changed management. The new Jackhammers were promoted heavily in newspapers and on bill boards. The make over did at first seem to get the desired affect and the team made the play offs for the first time in eight year but in the end the attendance numbers remained low and they averaged only 3,500 fans per game. This left silver cross fields half empty on game days. The 2010 season ended up being the last season of the Joliet jackhammers due to the low attendance and due to the northern league collapsing.

The jackhammers did however not really die, the team was sold and the name changed to steel city baseball and they started playing in the Frontier league. The team kept the silver cross field as their home arena after the name change. All assets of the team was sold to Steel City Baseball LLC prior to the name change for $220 000. None of the unpaid bills were paid after the transfer of the assets. On January 12th, 2011 the team changed name again and it has since then been known as the Joliet slammers. The team is still using the silver cross field as their home arena. The Juliet slammers became league champions in 2011.