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Joliet JackHammers

Joliet JackHammers

Welcome to the Juliet Jackhammers Website.The Joliet JackHammers is a baseball team based in Joliet, Illinois, in the United States. The JackHammers were a member of the Northern League, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball. Read More about the JackHammers Silver Cross Field

The silver cross field is the home arena of the Juliet JackHammers. It is is located in downtown Juliet, Illinois and can be accessed by car, bus and two metro lines. Read More about the Silver Cross Field


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Northern League
The Juliet Jackhammers play in the Northen League. An independent league that is not affiliated with Major League Baseball nor the organized minor leagues. The League have now merged with other leagues to form the American Baseball league. Read more about the norther League.
The Joliet Jackhammers never won the Northern league and only made the play offs one time, in 2002. Read more jackhammers statistics.
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